Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fall semester 2010

The fall semester was incredibly busy for the SMWC MTC! The biggest event held was our first annual Haunted Conservatory. This was a fundraiser sponsored by the MTC (in collaboration with the Music and Theatre Department and SFLC) to raise funds toward the Preserve the Conserv project. (See pictures on this post). It was held the Friday evening before Halloween and included a faux documentary film and followed by a ghostly tour with turn-of-the-century tour guides. A children's room was also an option, with candy, movies, and music/games for kids under 8.

The MTC is planning another fundraiser in February, our second annual Singing Valentine's, as well as an Open Mic Night, and some other events TBD.The first semester flew by and we're all going to enjoy Winter Break and return in January 2011.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Welcome to the blog for Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (SMWC) Music Therapy. This blog will maintain updated events and activities for the program throughout each academic year. In addition, activities of the SMWC Music Therapy Club will be highlighted. The 2010-11 MTC Executive Board members are:
Nicole Wieg, president

Jill Storm, vice-president

Nicole Gilberti, treasurer

Laura Kempton, secretary

Sherry Bube, parliamentarian

Sharon R Boyle, MM, MT-BC, faculty advisor