Sunday, June 17, 2012

JAFSP - Day 10 and travel home

Yesterday was a nice laid-back day, full of packing, down time to swim, and a few hours in Port Antonio to shop at the market. That was a very high energy experience, with vendors being extremely assertive in trying to get us to buy something from them. I finally bought a hand held fan just to stay cool as I walked inside the indoor parts of the market.

We had dinner and then reviewed our final rhythms and songs before heading to town to do a drum circle. It was very neat to have the locals stand around and dance and sing with us. The children in town played egg shakers and Eric told them they could keep the shakers.

I started to not feel well after the drum circle and ended up having to go back to my hut.

We got up early as 1/2 of the group left at 5 a.m. for Montego Bay's airport, while the other group followed at 8 a.m. Laura Kempton (SMWC student on the trip) and I had no issues traveling and arrived by  p.m. back in Indianapolis.

June 2012 JAFSP Group on last night together
The first thing that struck me was how cold the air conditioning was in the bus and on the plane, as well as the airports. And, it feels strange to be home where I have windows intact. Now it is time to do laundry and get some sleep...and allow time to process this very amazing experience which has certainly impacted me...and changed me in ways I am yet to discover.

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