Sunday, August 17, 2014

Reflecting and Preparing

The 2013-14 campus music therapy academic year came to a close in early May, but the music therapy graduate (MAMT) and music therapy equivalency distance (MTED) programs held residencies in May, June, July, and August. In the past year several music therapy students from campus and MTED have completed their clinical internships and passed the national board examination, while graduates/alums of both the undergraduate and graduate music therapy programs have moved into new jobs, had babies, gotten married, published, presented, and more. We are so proud of our students and alums, as well as our faculty!
Final campus practicum class (May 2014)
The MAMT residency in early June was an intensive week as students were immersed in either the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery in Music (BMGIM) or Advanced Improvisation and Composition. Both courses are taught by renowned music therapists and both courses are often reflected on by students as meaningful, or even transformative in nature.
Learning improvisational group techniques
"The piano is our friend"
Laughter is important in learning!
 The recent fall residency for the MAMT program brought us a new cohort of ten students (three of whom completed the undergraduate or equivalency campus program)s. Music therapists from all over the country come together in this graduate program and the bonds that develop are stronger through the music-making that is an important part of the program.
Final residency for this cohort
(Fall 2014) 

In addition, as a final way to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Music Therapy at The Woods, the SMWC Music Therapy Program hosted Nordoff-Robbins music therapist Alan Turry, DA, LCAT, MT-BC, on June 3rd for a Continuing Education course (CMTE) he presented entitled, "Improvisation Primer: Integrate Clinical Improvisation into your Practice".
CMTE participants in June 2014 with
 Dr. Alan Turry
We welcomed returning distance equivalency students, adjunct faculty, and a new cohort of students for the MTED residency. This unique and distinctive program now has begun to send new board certified music therapists out into the professional world and we are so proud of this accomplishment!

Fall 2014 MTED Residency (Faculty and Students)

Finally, in a couple of weeks we will welcome back new and returning undergraduate music therapy students to campus to kick off the 2014-15 academic year. We are excited to begin our 31st year and feel the energy and excitement of the students. We will be sure to introduce some new students via this blog in the coming weeks.

Here's to another successful academic year (and continued meaningful connections through music) ahead!

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