Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Academic Year Begins at the Woods!

(Picture: Grace Dubrowski, far left/back row, worked as a YMCA Day Camp Counselor this summer)

The summer is beginning to fade away as SMWC makes preparations for classes to begin on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

There have been a lot of SMWC music therapy happenings over the summer! Music therapy students had jobs at various summer camps (e.g. Camp Lee Mar in Pennsylvania, working with children with special needs, YMCA camp, etc.), one student completed the Jamaica Field Project in June, and several completed summer practicums in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio. In addition, several students completed their internships, got music therapy positions, got engaged, and one recent graduate got married.

(Picture: Cathleen Flynn, conducting supervised music therapy sessions as part of the Jamaica Field Service Project)

Features about various student experiences, as well as features about interns, first professional jobs, and recent graduates/alums will occur throughout the coming year. In addition, current music therapy students will continue to be highlighted and interviewed because SMWC music therapy students are doing wonderful things...our students are dedicated to affecting change in the world in a variety of ways. The upcoming generation of music therapists are stellar and we are happy to sing their praises!

(Picture: Sherry Bube, far left, Evening Program Leader and Outdoor Living Skills Instructor for Bradford Woods Therapeutic Recreation Summer Camps).

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