Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guest Speaker--from 2,000+ miles away!

The Clinical Improvisation class at SMWC had the wonderful opportunity to bring in a guest speaker/presenter who facilitated an interactive drumming/percussion experience. This guest was a music therapist sitting in San Diego while the SMWC music therapy students were in their Conservatory classroom. The wonders of technology allow us Skype presenters!

The music therapy classes have been incorporating Skype guest lecturers and presenters for a few years, but this presentation was pretty unique. Kat Fulton, MM, MT-BC, and NICU Music Therapist, is a speaker and board-certified music therapist whose passion is achieving therapeutic goals through making music. She has an active presence in social media through her blog Rhythm For Good ( and also through her organization SoundHealth Music )

During the class, she explained the limitations of "faciltiating" via Skype (sound delay!), and went on to engage the students in playing instruments, singing, explained how these experiences can be used in a variety of clinical settings (specifically with older adults), taught the students how to "self-faciltiate", and then allowed time for questions.

The use of technology in clinical work is becoming more prevalent and SMWC is working to provide students with teaching new ways of engaging clients, such as the option of combining live music and technology or providing students with a model of a new way to engage with others in areas related to music therapy. Kat Fulton's Skype Drum presentation was one way the students were able to benefit from a professional's generosity and area of expertise, without the boundary of distance.

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  1. It was an honor and pleasure to SkypeDrum with your class, Sharon. And great to meet you in person at the conference! Have an awesome rest of your semester~